Spindrift Sparkling Water is a beverage brand that delivers authentically delicious flavor, squeezed straight from the source in the form of bubble-fied juice. Using simple and honest ingredients for their products, Spindrift is devoted to providing a healthy soda alternative that actually tastes like what it's supposed to – even if it means there are a few (and quite literally, only a few) calories in every can.

Tasked with developing a limited-run Dry January campaign for the brand, we created The Happ(ier) Hour, an ode to Spindrift's never-settle-for-less ideology and unwavering commitment to quality taste and experience. The Happ(ier) Hour taps into the nostalgia and glam of the Art Deco era and spins it with contemporary New Year's aesthetics and flash photography for an equally stylish and tasteful approach. Applied to a collection of custom-crafted mocktails and kits, empowering social messaging, and an interactive mocktail quiz experience, the result is a playful yet tasteful campaign identity that's true to the target audience's hopes for an elevated, uncompromising beverage experience during Dry January.

Because why settle for essence when you can have the real deal?

Project Roles:

A special color and type treatment were designed to contrast Spindrift’s primary identity system for the limited run in order to achieve the Happ(ier) Hour’s luxurious look and feel.Custom mix-kits were designed to bring Spindrift’s Happ(ier) Hour straight to your doorstep and serve as the campaign’s primary product. Each kit includes everything one needs to craft one of Spindrift’s original limited-edition Dry January mocktails. 
The Happ(ier) Hour experience only gets more enticing upon opening each one of the five custom mix kits. Consumers are greeted with a positive and clever play on Spindrift’s mocktail messaging, and a colorful interior to generate excitement and contrast the kit’s moody exterior.
Five of Spindrift’s signature flavors were selected to be highlighted for the campaign, with a unique craft mocktail recipe developed for each one.