Jolt Gum is the unapologetic, cooler, and significantly more chaotic distant cousin to your regular ‘ol cup of Joe. As a caffeinated gum brand, Jolt is on a mission to energize your wild side with a no-bullsh*t ideology and passion for getting sh*t done. The brand prides itself on giving like-minded go-getters a reliable energy source that tastes just as good as it feels, so, naturally, electrified flavor drives every aspect of Jolt’s high-spirited identity and positioning.

An invigorating visual palette was designed to capture Jolt’s in-your-face personality, tapping into bold and unfiltered identity and messaging strategy that’s nearly impossible to ignore. With a vibrating color palette and expressive typo-/photographic treatment at its disposal, Jolt is all about showcasing exactly what it feels like to chew their shockingly energized and delicious gum.

Project Roles
  • Completed as a solo project

  • Graphis New Talent / 2023 / International
    Silver (Packaging Design)
  • AAF Addys / 2023 / San Antonio
    Silver (Packaging Design), Bronze (Trademark Design)
  • AIGA Flux / 2022 / National
    Finalist (Packaging Design)

The newly proposed Jolt trademark deviates away from the current logo’s rigid and compact lockup to inject a newly-found dynamism and liveliness to the brand. Subtle highlights add a sense of depth to the custom wordmark for an even sweeter nostalgic bubbly goodness.Billowing bubble illustrations are contrasted with animated lightning bolts and a gritty material and typographic treatment to emphasize the brand’s wild essence.

Jolt’s packaging takes full advantage of the brand’s off-the-wall personality and energetic visual palette for a shockingly engaging packaging experience. The brand’s saturated colors and dynamic iconography emphasize Jolt’s USP, and are used to segment each of Jolt’s flavors.Two rectangles cut from the packaging’s backside reveal Jolt’s colorful caffeinated gum chiclets. When paired with battery iconography and language, the chiclets serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose of communicating just how much energy is left in the pack, perfect for Jolt’s on-the-run target audience.

Jolt’s e-commerce and social presence maintains the brand’s bold and absurd personality and iconography for an energized digital experience.

Little is left to the imagination with Jolt’s unfiltered advertising. Dynamic depictions of everyday people in extreme situations captures exactly what it feels like to chew Jolt Gum, and humorously warns of the wild side effects (or consequences) that come with it.

Project Takeaways:Jolt taught me that the first idea is likely never the best idea, and how to iterate a brand system more efficiently and strategically. It is also a project that taught me how much I’ve grown in technical and conceptual skill as a designer. This was a project I began early on as a student, and I’m happy to have returned to it with a more refined skillset to see it develop and grow into a more exciting and engaged end product. With More Time and Resources: This a project that I’d really like to add motion to. It practically begs for it with the brand’s off-the-wall, energized tone and voice, and I’d like to explore how it would impact the rest of the identity system and improve the brand’s dynamism. I’d also like to explore the brand even further beyond the product’s primary product and shopping experience. From promotional marketing materials, a robust social media presence, and in-your-face POS displays, there’s plenty more I would like to add to the Jolt brand and strategy.