Dollop is an enthusiastic and hopeful oral care company that believes a bright, healthy smile should be good for you and the environment. With a mission to completely flip the dental industry upside-down, Dollop ditches wasteful plastic and harmful chemicals for 100% planet-friendly products and packaging so that every time you use one of Dollop’s quality bamboo dental products, there’s always something to smile about.

To challenge concerns of climate anxiety and deceptive greenwashing, Dollop embraces authenticity and a high-spirited attitude, communicating optimism towards positive change for your mouth and the future. These ideas go even further with the brand’s refreshingly bright and energized identity system and delightful packaging experience that can’t help but make you smile.

Project Roles
  • Completed as a solo project

  • LogoLounge / 2023 / International
    Published Trademark
  • National Student Showcase / 2023 / National
    Judges Choice, Best Use of Paper, Best Innovation
  • Graphis New Talent / 2023 / National
    Silver (Packaging Design)
  • AAF Addys / 2023 / San Antonio
    Gold (Packaging Design)

  By recognizing the gap between traditional dental products and a growing demand for greener product alternatives, Dollop aims to transform the industry by offering 100% environmentally friendly products and packaging that empower their consumers.
Dollop’s concept and mission to flip the dental industry upside down comes alive with its ambigram trademark that allows it to be read consistently from different orientations.

The brand deviates from traditional toothbrush and other eco-friendly products with a saturated, warm color palette and a lively, casual typographic treatment.

Custom icons of teeth, squiggles, and smileys were crafted with a shape vocabulary reminiscent of the Dollop trademark and typography, and capture the upbeat, playful energy of the brand’s personality in a signature dental pattern.

Double-ended, recycled craft-paper tubes with the brand’s signature vibrant color palette puts its money where its mouth is. Dollop’s quality bamboo brushes are accessible from both ends of the package, letting users experience the brand’s flip concept firsthand. Soy-based ink and removable/reusable bamboo handles make Dollop’s product and packaging truly 100% compostable and recyclable.

A secondary set of packaging was designed for toothpaste tablets with the same objectives. Continuing to lean into Dollop’s flip conceptual strategy, the orientation-less packaging receives the same playful treatment as its bamboo toothbrush counterpart.

Diverse, candid smiles along with flipped type and positive, feel-good messaging play the primary role in Dollop’s advertising to promote the brand’s commitment to authenticity, inclusivity, and mission to a healthier smile and planet.

Project Takeaways: In addition to learning to design for three-dimensional surfaces and spaces, Dollop taught me that adopting a concept-first mindset is instrumental and imperative in ensuring a cohesive visual narrative that can be used across the brand’s entire communication strategy. I also learned to carefully consider the way materials and design choices impact how a user experiences a brand, and how to leverage those design choices to create strategies for unexpected interactions that meet consumer wants and needs and strengthens their relationship to the brand. With More Time and Resources:Toothbrushes and Toothpaste Tabs are just the start. With more time and resources, I would love to explore expanding Dollop’s product line and packaging to include more sustainable and planet-friendly dental products such as floss, mouthwash, refill packs, and more. Currently Dollop exists for in-store shopping experiences, but I would love to consider how the brand could be extended to include a subscription-based delivery service for their dental products, and expanding the art direction and branding for those spaces (delivery packaging, promotional materials, web experience, etc.)